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Since 2000, MedCor Staffing Inc. has been providing professional services to job-seekers and employers. And with our longevity, we’ve learned that staffing is not a numbers game — it’s a relationship-building business. That’s why we put an emphasis on listening, guiding and matching.


With our team of extensively experienced employees, we offer tailor-made solutions to meet your individual needs. We work with leading organizations, and have developed a reputation as a staffing expert. Are you a job-seeker or employer? We’d love to speak with you! Contact us today to schedule a personal meeting.

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Sourcing & Placing Top Talent

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Finding and hiring skilled talent is more significant than ever before. MedCor has the tools to connect companies with the best recruits, as well as connect applicants with the right jobs for all of their qualifications. Wherever it is that you call home, we can help you. Learn about the industries we work in most below. Get in touch with us today.

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We’re a leader in filling Nursing opportunities throughout the United States. No matter your experience or discipline/skill level, if you’re willing to learn and are a dedicated employee we are sure to find the right position for you. Check out our listings and get in touch with us to learn more on how you can apply.

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We know how difficult the job market can truly be. That is why our team of experts does everything in its power to take the pressure off. We specialize in sourcing and recruiting in many facets of healthcare, especially Administration. Whatever your needs may be, we are here for you. Contact us to jumpstart your career and make the process as simple as it can be.


Career Openings


Med-Cor has needs for the following contract and permanent employees:

• Physicians/Physician Assistants

• RNs/LPNs

• PCAs/NAs

• Hospital Technicians

• Dental Technicians

• Info Techs

• Secretarial/Registration

• Custodial


Our Mission

We deliver high quality, comprehensive staffing services to the healthcare community, with compassion and competence. Our proven processes and market strategies ensure that only the best match will be made between our applicants and our clients. We outwork the competition, and always put the customer first. Med-Cor is licensed, insured, and ready to provide healthcare facilities with superior medical professionals. 


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